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Services – how we can be of use for you

Share your risk with us and benefit from our experience


Starting a project

Most projects begin in our meeting room in discussions with our partners and customers. We try to understand the situation, the constraints, your ideas and priorities – and also allow ourselves to question those.

In brainstorming sessions, we find – sometimes also crazy – ideas to further augment the ideas, to complement and extend them, so that the chances for a really successful product are maximized.

Those ideas and plans are matched towards the preferences and constraints of our customers and partners, and are assessed with our experiences from other projects. The results lead to a project description and project plan. At that stage, we are ready to put together an offer, a draft contract, a project plan, or a business plan.


Project management, project assistance, and coaching

In most cases, we are involved in starting a project and implementing the product. In those projects, we of course exploit our experience in order to manage the project and get to the result efficiently and friction-free.

We also like to assist you in your existing project or your product development without being directly involved in the concepts or the implementation. Often, the observations of a person that is not directly involved, are valuable to detect suboptimal constellations and planning errors – problems that people deeply involved in the project do not notice.

Another model of cooperation is coaching: we assist a not-too-experienced project management. Adviced by us, the project manager learns and improves the needed skills on the job.

In addition to the services mentioned above, we also help you with conceptual work such as defining software architectures or data models. And, of course, also with creating a business plan.

Software development

We prefer to develop applications for our partners and customers free of cost. In those cases, the development costs are compensated by our share of the earnings from product sales. We share the risk and the revenues. This strategy is especially successful when the goal is to develop a product that is intended to be sold successfully. But of course, we also develop according to an agreed-upon fixed price. This is necessary, for example, if the product shall be free of charge for the users.

Our focus in software development lies on Apps for mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices, as well as on server-based applications, and services that need multiple components (client/server/other). In most projects, we are able to provide all required skills and manpower to complete everything internally. When technologies are needed that we do not know, we either learn, or we consult with our partners (subcontracting). This is also the case, when the work load is too high to do everything within our small team.